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Data Power Ltd was successful in our tender response, becoming the chosen contractor to carry out all installation works for a new clients’ Disaster Recovery workplace in Borehamwood. This project involved the supply & installation of 700 Brand-Rex Cat 6A outlets, a diverse fibre & copper backbone, complete with 3 x Cannon cabinets. As a part of the project we were also tasked with installing and patching all of the desk top technology. Data Power Ltd were also successful with the small power and lighting tender. This work consisted of installing 1 x Rotasoc power PDU to each of the 100 desks, these desks were all fed from new under floor power track. As part of the underfloor power track installation, a new distribution board was installed back via the UPS switch gear. To complete the project all lighting was upgraded by ourselves to 600 x 600 LED NVC panels.

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